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The precise percentage of rapes committed by multiple assailants is unknown, but it is probably somewhere between 10% and 33%. At the low end, U.S. government crime victimization data suggest that one out of 10 sexual assaults involves multiple offenders (Greenfeld, 1997). A somewhat higher figure comes from a survey by Koss (1998), in which 16% of the men who admitted raping women said they acted in concert with other men. Based on a survey of the literature, Rozee-Koker and Polk (1986) estimate that about one-third of reported rapes were perpetrated by multiple offenders, with a whopping three-fourths of all rape offenders being group rapists. About 41% of self-identified date rapists in a study by Kanin (1985) reported participating in group rapes. In a 1965 study by Amir (as cited in Geis, 1971), 43% of reported rapes in Philadelphia involved multiple offenders, with 71% of reported rapists being group rape offenders. Finally, Mosher and Anderson (as cited in Muehlenhard & Schrag, 1991) found that 10% of a sample of college men reported waiting their turn in line with other men to share a “party girl.”

Enacting Masculinity: Antigay Violence and Group Rape as Participatory Theater, Karen Franklin

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Whereas any real, self-respecting dad is only derpy, like, 50% of the time.

Many babies in Finland sleep in cardboard boxes with a mattress on the bottom.  It is part of a welcome package that has been supplied by their government for the last 75 years.

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An Unnecessary Cut?


This short documentary explores the rise of the C-section, and follows one woman’s efforts to have a V-BAC for the delivery of her second child:

Photograph by Bella Baby Photography.